Radio Advertising Sales Training and Presentation System

"I will, at least, double my sales."
"100% to radio...and it works."
“After reaching 325,000, we leveled out for the next couple of years. Shortly thereafter, Norton Warner introduced The Concept to our Moberly operation. At that time, we were doing about $400,000.

“The Concept was presented to us to use on a trial basis. We found new ways to develop clients to more nearly their potential. As a matter of fact, for the first time, we found we had the power to oversell a client.

"Our own belief in radio as a total advertising medium
was reinforced by "The Concept" 
"We have always believed that radio can do the total advertising job for a client. With The Concept, we were able to put together presentations that make sense to the client and lead us to the commitment of an advertiser's total budget. The Concept gave us the power to create large budgets where there was little or no budget before.

"The information, techniques and tools in The Concept took us off the plateau and enabled us to move up to $500,000, then to $1,000,000 and then $1,500,000."

                                               ---Jerrell Shepherd
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Dave became the new owner after his father, Jerrell, passed away. Dave and Norton developed the NEW Warner Concept System, a shorter version of The Concept. In 2007, the Moberly stations, KWIX-AM, KRES-FM and KIRK-FM, in a community of 12,000, produced sales of $2,700,000.

Two more markets in Missouri were added: 3 stations in Farmington/Festus, MO and 2 AM and 2 FM stations in Waynesville/Lebanon, MO. These two markets each produced $3,000,000 in sales. Another AM/FM, in a recent purchase, was just getting started when Dave decided to sell.

These stations, with total sales of $10,000,000, sold for $32,500,000 in 2007. The Warner Concept System was instrumental in producing this sales income.

"It will work in the smallest markets. It will work in the largest markets. But you have to be willing to apply it. And you have to stay with it.

"We want our advertisers to be successful. That's our goal. If the advertisers are successful, then we're successful."
                                               ---Dave Shepherd
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