2 Ways to Use the Warner Concept System
1. Train your Sales Team
This is proven information. Everything a Rep needs to know about how to make radio work.
The Warner Concept System (WCS) video series provides your Sales Team with the information and tools to make radio really work for their clients and be successful sales people. The better they understand radio, the more they will sell. Total running time for all of the videos is less than 3 hours. Newly-hired sales reps can watch in an afternoon.

Your sales team will:
  • Gain a complete understanding of the unique strengths of radio, campaign development, PFP scheduling and budgeting.
  • Be inspired and enthused about having the power to help a small business grow.​
  • Be more successful = LESS turnover.​​
2. Use Videos for Presentations to Clients
It couldn't be easier...
Big Bonus! The WCS videos can be used as a presentation for clients to bring on annual, long-term accounts. We provide you with a suggested "road map" to on-board ANNUAL clients in four(4) sales calls.

When you present to a client using the WCS videos:
  • Increases the TRUST level for the sales rep and your radio stations.
  • ​Puts clients at ease because now, they know that YOU know what you're doing.
  • Clients really like that there's a SYSTEM (a systematic approach, a plan) instead of "just throwing money out there."
  • ​Clients buy long term.
WCS members can access the videos online using your own username and password.

Watch via desktops, laptops, tablets and phones,
 in your conference room, the client's business, a restaurant... anywhere with internet access.

TIME is your Enemy
The WCS video service is offered as a Market-Exclusive so competing radio stations will not have access to this sales system. Act now to claim your market and build your stations. You can do this!

Apply for WCS Membership to reserve your market – no obligation.

Starting at $99/month per market for non-rated markets.
Starting at $500/month per market for Nielsen-rated markets.
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